Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Strike NOir Project (part 2)

I posted about the new approach we used in building our MG Strike Noir last week. This is new in the sense that we used a different assembly approach on our earlier MG's (Strike w IWSP, F 91, Strike Freedom). In the post I told you guys about the "part by part - Paint then Build" method we used in order to clean and paint each part better - minus the extra time spent in building - disassembling - then building again.

Now I have to say that this method worked very well for us newbie Gundam kit collectors. And since this is only our 4Th MG Kit, I would have to admit that this method has worked for us, despite the long assembly time.

Now here is a detailed step by step approach to how we built our Strike Noir, plus the little things we learned along the way which I like to share to you guys!

- Thanks to the guys from mechapinoy and hobby fanatics, I learned that its better to paint in short quick sprays, rather than our old method (long continuous sprays) because it covers the parts evenly.

- In spray painting on flat surfaces, we learned to use tape (masking tape) to keep the parts for painting in place, especially the small ones.

- In the absence of putty, clips and holding sticks, I used masking tape plus toothpicks to hold the parts for painting!

- In drawing panel lines, its advisable to draw them thick, then wipe it away after with a cotton bud. This gives it a faded look. Don't worry of painting them after, the spray paint will not cover the panel lines!

- Spray paint still seeps through masking tape, so be careful with it when you use it to cover up parts when painting.

- Tamiya's acrylic bottled paints are so damn thick so its advisable to add just a few drops of thinner (1:5 ratio).

So there you have it, all the things I have learned in Gunpla with our MG Strike Noir Project!

And I have to say, correct me if I'm wrong, that except for the yellow parts, this project is the best we've had so far!! Take a look:

Nice whip you got there!!
Full Burst Mode!! Lolx! (wrong mobile suit eh)

More Images of Strike Noir on my next post!!

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SiMo said...

Wheee! Even if Strike Noir took a hell of a lot longer to build than the previous kits, I find it achieves a cleaner look overall. Phew! Nice to know all that hard work paid off.