Friday, August 10, 2007

First MG Gundam Paint Job!

A can of midnight blue, black and a small pot of yellow. These are the colors needed to paint an MG F 91 Gundam.

We quickly made our stop at Lils Futaba to purchase these colors and some Italian red as well for our SD Astray project.

Earlier we stopped by Best and Great Toys accompanied our friend in buying an SD and was eventually sucked into temptation to buy a cheap MG (meaning below 2k, he he he!). The best choice at 1 800 was the F 91 since it had a limited color scheme, so less paint expenses.

Sprues galore, ready to be cut up!Lolx!

We jumped in on the project as soon as we had the chance. We started painting the sprues a night before to allow some drying time.

Position it at least a foot and a half away then spray!

Painting with a spray can is fun and easy (well I guess it should be considering its price!) we however encountered a little hitch as one of the parts stuck to the newspaper, thus wrinkling the paint job. I was to be aware of the mishap a few minutes later since I was busy with the detailing of the SD sprues.

Anyway after drying out the sprues, I started the paneling job until the whee hours of the morning.

Late the next day however it was back to biz. The assembly process started. But as we started cutting the plastic parts for assembly, I noticed that the cut parts were a sight for sore eyes since it revealed the previous color of the part prior to painting (needed to buy a new and sharper kit cutter and a sakto knife).

These parts needed a repaint, but we dried out our paint cans already so we left them as is.
I also found out that this particular model didn't have rubber joints which I believed would impede its flexibility.

"Curse your plastic joints!!!Yata!!"

Another issue with plastic joints was the fact that it meant more small parts, thus longer piecing together time. However as the parts started to take its prescribed shape and appearance , I immediately appreciated its shinier finish, thanks to the paint app! I even supplemented it with a lot of paneling detail just to give justice to our first painted MG!

Almost done!NOT!

But when we were in the wing canon part, my friend snapped its lower part so we had to super glue it back together. This rendered one of the wing guns immovable though.

Very detailed back boosters!Angas!

Overall, I can say that the kit turned out be a paint app success' making it sleeker than the unpainted MG we did first. The new look also added a more detailed outcome for its backpack boosters! The paint however tightened the shield release hatch making it a chore to bring out his shield, I guess this is where sand paper plus repaint come in.

Strike a Pose with strike (below)/ Heavy Bazooka holster!LOlx! (Up)


SiMo said...

Nice post, I agree in the sense that this proves that painting Gundams and adding panel lines are the next steps to take out of Gundam noobyville. You really have to appreciate the difference a can or two of paint application does to a Gundam. They loose their plasticky look and the process enhances their details through texture changes. Nice, although no where near the mastery of the skills, no longer are thee super noobs in Gundam building!

Lets just try to avoid anymore Gundam part destruction... That's another step in the right direction... lolx! 0_o

godlike tqx said...

woah wtf sure wasted alot $$ lol

Anonymous said...

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