Sunday, August 19, 2007

Strike Noir Project (Part 1)

Good Day guys, we just purchased our next MG Project and that is none other than the fully posable Strike Noir MG!

For this next project, we plan to make a different approach, one that takes more time and paint...
We really need to find a way to save on paint...

He he he! We used to paint all the sprues before assembly, which was definitely a faster method but left a lot of problems after cutting and sanding. We had to repaint some parts which brought about some inconsistencies with the paint texture.

We were told to pre-build and then disassemble then paint the parts. That's how majority of the plamo experts do it. With this method, sanding, cutting, fine tuning would have been done before hand so the paint will be even all throughout after we paint each part.

Parts of the Striker pack ripe for cleaning!

However I wasn't comfortable with this method because I felt that it would tend to loosen some parts, not because its a faulty method, but I believe our skills are still not that advanced.

Anyway, the approach we will be using is somewhat of a hybrid, taking to consideration the pros and cons of the two methods. So here's how it goes...

We couldn't find 400 grit sand papers, so we settled with 360... I hope that's still OK.

We pick a part to assemble first, cut out the parts, trim the excess plastic, fine tune it with a little sanding and then line them up for painting. Now with this method we were able to pay attention to the cut parts, giving it the extra spray of paint it needed.

Spray painting time!

Drying with a little help with the almighty LAMP!!Lolx!

This method however would cost us more paint and more time... but, that shouldn't be a concern since we only like the best outcome for Strike Noir.

For Strike Noir, we started with its Striker pack. As dictated by the method, we first cut out the parts, cleaned each one then placed it in a small box before painting.

All in a little box to prevent any confusion...

So after almost three hours of familiarizing ourselves with the method via Noir's Striker pack, we finally complete the back pack!

Weeeeeeee, finally, the Striker Pack is complete!!

Our Strike with IWSP tries the Striker pack but is puzzled with its functions...

We will update you with the progress of our work in the future... stay tuned!


SiMo said...

Hehehe... To be continued... The process definitely is time consuming, and a little more expensive but with a little more effort (cough! my part cough!)The build quality should be higher this time around!

PS... Speaking of expensive, we recently found an airbrush we could use for modeling, however the compressor is 4000 pesos! Anyone know a cheaper mini compressor out there?

kamadoma said...

hello there. Kamadoma here from Mechapinoy forums.

Well about the compressor and airbrush, some would recommend the Tamiya Spray Works Basic Airbrush+Compressor set. I think it costs around 5000+ I'm not that sure though.

But if you want a cheaper compressor, try the Kawasaki ones they cost around 3500+ in Hardware stores. But for my personal choice I sold my Kawasaki and went for the compressor in Enriquez Art supply in Recto. It costs 4200 but it's complete with moisture trap, regulator, pressure gauge, it's pretty small too. And it doesn't move due to vibration unline my Kawasaki compressor.

goybu7 said...

Hi Mgdude there is no right oe wrong in gunla assembly provided that you achieve good results on your finished kit. With respect to your apprehension about doing a mock build and afterwards disassemble it. It is common practice that modelers do. in my experience parts dont tend to get loose if you disassemble it slowly. take your time as if you are doing the assembly. One good method of a mock build is dont attached part together or snap fit it. be sure to make gaps so during time of disassembly you wont experience loose connection. On the other hand I might suggest after sanding excess plastic on the kit prime your kit to hide seam lines. primer too can make your paint coat adhere well to the surface of the plastic as well as you will be having a smooth finish. have fun

eckoysnook said...

Thanks guys, we really want to do our best with our MG's since we want to master our craft and of course enjoy the same time.

We also like to join the Gundam making contest this October, in the new challenger category.

Hope to see you guys there!!