Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gundam Seed Destiny

Just finished watching Gundam Seed Destiny.

It was OK, despite some boring parts because I really got immersed in the storyline.

It takes off where Gundam Seed ends. The peace between ZAFT and the EARTH ALLIANCE FORCE was once again broken because of a terrorist act on the Naturals (EAF).

The neutral Ground that is ORB is forced to ally with the EAF as the Naturals go into war against PLANT... this is where the complication begins and where the fun kicks off!

Now as a series of event pull Asuran back to plant, Cagalli back in the Archangel, Kira back in Freedom and so on... you will be taken on a love hate trip with one of the new lead characters Shinn.

Kira and Stellar... I understand where they were coming from, so I didn't hate them that much!Lolx!

Now some may say this anime is too EMO, but as I have said I liked the serious political plot and of course, the mobile suits in action was also a rallying factor why I watched the Anime through and through!

Strike Freedom!!!

I absolutely loved Kira and Lacos in this series, and I especially loved Strike Freedom as well as the Akatsuki!!

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