Monday, August 13, 2007

Images of Gold Strike Freedom!

Good day guys, just wanted to show you some images of our latest project, our G-custom inspired Strike Freedom- Gold!

The first few stages of assembly, looking good eh!

Strike freedom is way bigger than our IWSP Strike!

Now with the wings! Asteeg!

Wings plus the big guns make Strike Freedom a Prized purchase!

As always, MG flexibility is measured by the kneel-ability...Lolx!

Ladies and Gents our first Color customized MG Gundam!!


SiMo said...

Nice! It always warms my heart when you get to see the fruits of your hard work! Love the full burst and long buster rifle pose!


eckoysnook said...

Phew, yep yep, almost two days of non stop work!! It was well worth it though!

Sir X said...

SUGOI STRIKE FREEDOM!!! Omedetou! Honto ni suki desu.Yatta! Save the cheer leader, save the worl! O.o ?!?! Shimatta! Wrong show! Lolx! Nihonn go wo renshu suru hitsuyou ga arimasu. Hehehe! XD