Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gold Strike Freedom!Yata!!!

Guess what part this is...

Now I must tell you that piecing together a Gundam kit with your own hands is a very accomplishing feeling! This is what I felt with our Strike with I.W.S.P. and F 91. However it was a much better feeling with Strike Freedom when it emerged from the assembly line... find out why, read along!

Now I do not want to be wordy with this post because the images will do the talking for me! Now as I have mentioned earlier we chose Strike Freedom because we had big plans for it. This was supposed to be our very first color customized MG, a means to open new portals in our Gundam Plamo building skills!

Sprues lined up to dry!

So here it goes! First off, the paint... the standard color combination for SF is red, white, blue and gray and of course gold for the inner frame. But for this project, we picked up N0. 14 black, mat white and Gold. We also picked up an exacto knife and a 1200 grade sandpaper.

The painting team... where's the BLUE color??LOlx!

For this Gundam we wanted to deviate from the standard color and just use red, black, white and gold. We started painting at 10 pm and finished at 3 am even if 3 of us worked on the painting job. It took us some time to alter some colored parts since it required more than one go with our spray paint!

Getting down and dirty with Strike Freedom!

Project Strike Freedom Gold begins the next day. The sand paper, paint brush, spray paints and markers were all within reach as we began cutting the parts, ready to sand and paint excess sprue parts.

I am now officially cross eyed because of all the paneling!

Paneling SF's parts was definitely a grueling task, especially its gold parts and the wings!Phew!

A small nail cutter and the Exacto knife helped a lot in trimming the plastic parts, which was the immediate task after the inking en route to the start of the assembly mode.

Strike Freedom is a fun build MG from head to legs... it was really fun piecing it together.
Kira Yamato- white version! LOlx!

The hands was different from the IWSP Strike but it was still solid. The newer MG's, like Noir and IWSP have far more flexible joints for the arms and hands.

While the entire body was a breeze, the wings was definitely a tornado! It was like piecing together a leg for each wing!Awts! And as a result, it took us until the next day before we pieced together everything! More than 8 hours of cutting and sanding and inking and ...

The 100 piece wing!!Joke!

But in the end of it all, I would have to say that the outcome was very pleasing! And so here it is, the finished product.

Oh and BTW, here is our inspiration for this project:

So is it close enough??LOlx!

More images of this strike version on the G-custom website. I will post additional images of our Strike Freedom next entry!

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SiMo said...

MG Strike Freedom was probably our most massive undertaking due to the extra EXTRA care we (este ako pala) took in its construction. Hours spent painting 3 hours. Hours of sleep lost due to construction 13 - 14 hours (we started around 6pm and ended around 8am, we took breaks to eat of course). Total construction time (with breaks) around 16 - 17 hours! Phew... It was all worth it though! Learned important lessons in painting (cough!primer!cough!) and we just have to master the art of sanding the nubs off the parts. That roughly translates to... More work!

Next stop Strike Noir naman! hehehe Ipon muna... wala na kac black ink!