Sunday, July 29, 2007

Strike Gundam w/ IWSP

Do you know what this is??Think again!!

I finally got my 1st Master Grade Gundam Kit and I have to admit that it was one helluva fun experience!

I just wanna share to you guys images of Strike Gundam with I.W.S.P.! It may not look as hot as it should be because we didn't use any paint on it and my inking abilities is not as great as professional Gundam model addicts out there.

But for now, here it is and I am mighty proud with the first MG Gundam I assembled!
Thanks to my friend for helping me out in piecing this gundam together!

So without further adieu, here is Strike Gundam with I.W.S.P.!

More decals to be added in the future, but nevertheless, its one hot Gundam!

Big Bad ass Gatling Gun shield!!!

Asteeg talaga!! Isa pa!!

Review and images on its construction to follow in future posts.

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