Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marvel vs Transformers!!

Toys unite every now and then to put up a show!

It was every toy collectors fantasy, to show off their prized possessions for everyone to admire. A simple look of inspiration, a nod of astonishment and a scream of approval makes a collectors heart leap and miss a beat.

Yes I'm talking about a toy convention, a toy festival which recently took place in our office. The management drummed up the event as a means to de-stress the employees and at the same time give an avenue for toy aficionados in the company to show off their collections!

My exhibit, Transformer Movie toys collide!

I was more than glad to have such an event because my Transformer Movie collection was itching to get out of my box and show off why they are the hottest toys to date!

But since my collection was not complete, I had to borrow other movie toys from my colleagues.

I was not the only one busy with preparations as every toy collector in the office took time out to bring their collection and draw up a concept for their entry.

And on the day of reckoning, toys from the early 80's to the present flooded the exhibit area. It was a small exhibit w 40 plus entries, but for a toy collector, the sight was definitely a sight for sore eyes!

I drooled over this, a collection of Optimus Prime through the ages!

The toy festival didn't have a specific theme, but overall it seemed like a battle between Marvel action figures, versus Transformers toys.

Out greatest foe, the Marvel Action Figures set up.

I absolutely drooled over the toys i saw, especially the other transformers! Too bad there was only one Gundam, I was hoping to see some as well!

The winner of the Toy Festival. Marvel cum Last Supper, Genius!


SiMo said...

Yeah, the event was a blast! Next time get ready for a grander diorama... Super robot wars! Wee!

PS... Rocklordz Rule! HeHeHe From the "unappreciated and little known toy line..." quote and quote!

eckoysnook said...

I love rock Lordz!!!Siya talaga panalo!!!Lolx!