Thursday, July 26, 2007

Max's Bottomless Iced tea... Max satisfaction!

Question: What is the bread and Butter of Max's Restaurant?
Answer: Their Fried Chicken!


But I'm pleased to inform everyone, that besides their chicken, Max's has a new secret weapon!
Do you know what it is? Make a wild guess...
Exactly! It's their bottomless iced tea!

Now I am really not a big fan of Max's, but I made the startling discovery in one of my toy hunting ordeals in Makati. One of the toy stores nestled comfortably close to Max's so I decided to grab a bite there.

I ordered their chicken burger but was a bit apprehensive in ordering their bottomless iced tea because in the best of my recollection, I never liked the drinks in Max's. But since I was thirsty as hell,I ordered the bottomless.

Max's Iced tea evolved into something more pleasing...

And thanks to that experience, I found out that Max's have overhauled their tea, and replaced it with something extremely refreshing, smooth and flavorful!

I know its just the usual Nestea Iced tea, but somehow it resembles the iced tea at Pizza hut bistro minus the green color and kiwi. Its lemon taste is more distinctive and as I said earlier it goes down smoother!

It may not be as special as other bottomless teas, but since it's relatively cheaper, I believe that its great value for my money!

Burger and Chips, not the combination i got used to but OK nevertheless!

Oh, and I also like to say that the Chicken Burger I ordered with the tea, was also good. If only it was bigger, the price could have been more justified.

But again, the iced tea had me at hello... so it was worth it!

My cat after feasting on Max's Bottomless tea... the bloated feeling I presume.

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