Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Litol Piggy

Meet our resident Piggy Bank Pinky Piggy!

I like you to meet our little piggy "Pinky" or "Pinky Pig." We also call her the profanity pig here in the office. Now you might be wondering why we have a piggy bank in the office... simple, we don't have a bank account so we have these little piggy banks to store our monthly salary, he he he!

Kidding aside, Pinky is our ethics police in the office. Our office barkada decided to set up piggy banks in our respective areas because of the excessive swearing that is exchanged among us when we congregate.

So some genius on our group drummed up the idea of paying 1 peso everytime we swear!Our group agreed upon it, and the profanity pig pinky was born.

We made one thing clear though, we are only under the power of pinky the moment we log in until we log out, so our gimmicks outside are profanity pig free!

We tried egging on our other colleagues to join the challenge but majority of them passed on the idea because they cant afford to give piggy pinky all their days pay due to their everyday swearing allowance!He he he!
Fun times with Pinky!

So the following week, Pinky appeared in my desk along with other piggys located in different parts of the office. And on her first day, I already donated 14 1 peso coins to her cause! My other colleagues also did their part in fattening pinky on her first day!

Amazing how swearing has become but a a household language for us... thanks to pinky piggy we pay 1 peso when we want to swear! Lolx! Kidding aside, pinky has reduced, if not quelled our groups propensity to swear!

Pinky enjoys being in the background!Lolx!

Maybe you could try it in your offices as well, its much more fun than we thought it would!

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