Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Starscream Movie Version... Again I was msitaken

When I watched the movie and read the toy reviews, I already had a set of Transformers Toys that I wanted to own. Initially there was JAZZ, the 2 versions of BUMBLEBEE, IRON HIDE, BARRICADE and BLACKOUT.

I wanted OPTIMUS PRIME but it was just too expensive for me, while MEGATRON was a direct hands down choice. I just didn't find the ice like stuff in his frame enticing.

I also had no plans of buying STARSCREAM because in the images I saw on the box, plus on the net, his body was just to big for his legs. It even reminded me of chicken legs because of its thin frame.

But, as the days went by, I was more focused on seeing all the movie toys together under one roof even if it meant buying the ones I never liked in the start. So I bought the others which were not in my list (RATCHET and BONECRUSHER) which included Starscream.

Cool looking jet... I always love the feeling of Opening toy boxes!

OK, I have to admit that besides the space on top of starscream's jet mode, everything else in this mode is a certified eye candy. The Missile turrets rotate to release the missiles consecutively. The jet mode is also solid, just lock the missile pods and the legs in place. The missiles can also be released by letting the jet roll back or forward triggering the firing mechanism. You can also choose to lock this feature if you dont want the missiles all over the place.

Looking at it in this mode makes me wanna play with it!

Now in robot mode... well lets say that is wasn't as terrible as I had foreseen it. First the legs fold in such a way that the bulky body looks properly compensated. These thin legs also perfectly holds the robot in place.

The missile turret hands also adds to the x-factor especially when the claws are extended. Add the missiles to the turrets and you have one bad ass Decepticon ready to vaporize the nearest Autobot in sight!

Lastly, cockpit area moves to become the middle part of the chest making it a pleasing balance to the wide shoulders!

Transforming it back to jet mode is quite easy, there is a place for each part and locks for it.

Check out those missiles! No wonder he was the only one who survived the movie! Lolx!

Overall, I believe Starscream is a must have for avid movie toy collectors! A solid jet mode and a unique robot mode is a perefect combination for this voyager class!

So for all you toy addicts out there, whatya waiting for? Go get! Go get!

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