Monday, August 27, 2007

Red Strike!! - A work in progress!

Racing stripes gimmick!

We are currently working on a "paint and semi modify" project named red strike! We are planning to convert our Strike with IWSP kit to a red dominated Mobile suit.

So we had to disassemble the entire thing to clean the parts of its excess cut parts and paint with its new color.

Strike Noir laments the predicament of Strike w IWSP!!Lolx!

So far we didn't have any problems with the painting part, but when we saw the finished product, we felt a bit off with it.

This work is still under progress, I hope we get to find the right combination in the near future!! He he he!!

Somehow I feel somethings missing... hmmmmmm???!!!

For now its back to the drawing board. Anyway, the kit looks nice with the new paint, we just need to harmonize the other parts!


SiMo said...

Maybe it needs more Bandai Logos!? Seriously, maybe change the cowlings from black to (maybe red...lolx, hello primer) then add more red parts by painting a few of the remaining white plates... Hmmm?

Anybody else have any input? And no rainbow colors!

eckoysnook said...

Please Bandai give me more MG's!!! Lolx!