Sunday, August 26, 2007

Save those excess Plastic Runners!

Break a leg!! Guess whats new with this Gundam leg...

Good day Guys, just want to share to you a solution to the problem i presented before regarding the excess plastic runners/sprues left after building a plastic model (Gundam, Tamiya, Armored core etc).

The idea came to me when my friend and I made some newbie custom changes to our first MG - Strike with I.W.S.P.! What started out to be a painful experience turned out to be a means to level up our GUNPLA skills! So here it goes.

While we were working on our latest MG Gundam - Strike Noir, I kept on tinkering with our IWSP Strike. As I was trying to clean out the excess sprues from the parts, I accidentally broke its cowling (the movable part just above the foot) in half. So as an act of desperation, I was forced to super glue the pieces together, reinforcing it with masking tape.

I broke one of these leg parts.

It looked pathetic with the tape, but at that point I was more concerned with the durability of the repaired part.

Whats missing?? Find out what that's is, read on!

Now when we started painting the parts of the IWSP Strike, the taped parts was still very visible. Now I didn't have any styrene to cover it up, so I just picked up the nearest plastic I could get my hands on to use as a cover of the taped part.

A true blue Bandai loyalist!! Lolx!

This is where the excess plastic sprues came in handy. So whatya think?? He he he!! I think that it turned out pretty well!! So put those excess runners to good use... you never know when it will come in handy!!

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SiMo said...

lolx! Lets send some of these pictures over to Bandai, maybe they'll send us a PG Strike as a reward for our Bandai loyalty... hehe