Friday, August 24, 2007

Gundam 00 Coming this August!

Gundam 00 - Agent 007; Look Familiar??Lolx!

I'm writing this while I stare at my Strike with I.W.S.P., seemingly floating in space propped by its stand and sporting a fighting stance as if waiting for a horde of Zaku's to attack it!

I just can't get enough of my MG Gundams. I always imagine them doing their stuff on the battlefield, remembering the Mobile suits in action on Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny and the OVA Endless Waltz. Its just so cool seeing these mobile suits fully animated!

The cool cast of Seed, Hope 00 has the same type as well!

And as October inches closer, I also wait in bated breath the coming of the next Gundam Franchise: Gundam 00! Finally a new series to look forward to and new Mobile suits to feast my eyes on!

Now about the new series, I'm still biased with the seed Mobile suit designs (Strike, Strike Freedom, Strike Noir, Akatsuki, Archangel) so I'm quite half hearted with the new Mobile suits for this series: Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue in terms of design.

Now in terms of story line, I believe that 00 will come out with guns blazing, taking a cue from Seed and Seed Destiny. Based on the information circulating on the web so far, the political backdrop of the storyline should be another serious yet action packed package.

Gundam Exia - Melee combat specialist!

Oh and I believe there will be an ample amount of butt kicking since the lead character, Setsuna Seiei, will be on board a melee combat based mobile suit!

Can't wait to see this series, and start collecting the new MG models of Gundam!

Here are some of the links about the new series: Gundam 00
Trailers: You Tube Gundam 00


SiMo said...

Yes, I agree with the fact that GS and GSD mobile suit designs are a little hard to get over. Seeing as Gundam Seed spanned two major seasons and came out with a few OAVs. Only time will tell how we treat the newer Gundams, but one things for sure. The newer model kits seem awsome!

Sir X said...

Gundam 00 is so cool that the anticipation is killing me. I can't imagine how the models would look like (or how the building process would be, especially for the melee type). I hope dvd's would be available soon!

Cool header btw! XD