Monday, April 28, 2008

MG Strike Launcher and Sword UPGRADE!!

Guess what?!

It's a crazy world where new MG's keep on popping up in the horizon and stinging your wallet, begging for a purchase.

So far I have avoided this MG bug even with the release of the MG Unicorn. So far my last purchase was the MG Destiny which I just finished completing a few weeks back.

Some new MG Zakus also came out lately, but again I was able to tuck my hands in my pocket to keep me from spending (however I had to buy the Ironhide that I saw at Toy Kingdom because it was dirt cheap, but still expensive by my stingy standards).

But alas, my holding back seems to be taking a backseat nowadays especially with the release of the new MG - The LAUNCHER/SWORD Strike Gundam.


Yes I know its just the same MG Strike, but the launcher and sword add ons make me drool!! It is a thing of beauty, and I want one now! Oh please please!! Keep this sheer MG beauty away from me (for the time being, lolx!)! Wahhh!!!!

Thanks to for the scanned images of the Manual

Anyway, check out the images I got from It is very useful for Gundam addicts!

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SiMo said...

Cool enough though, is that this new MG kit comes not with the original GAT-Strike kit, it comes with a repainted Strike Noir instead.

Just goes to show how cool the Noir design is.

Lastly, imagine if we can tool out a way so that both packs can be equipped. Ive seen it done on HG kits...