Monday, April 28, 2008

BULKHEAD - Transformers the Animated

During the 1st wave of the Transformers Live action toys here in the Philippines - I was busy with tinkering with MG Gundam Kits.

So, the voyager and deluxe transformers that was then being sold extra cheap at regular toy stored just disappeared.

And when the Live action movie came out, I was like: I had to own a JAZZ. I labored hard to get one, and it had to be at Great Toys for 700 pesos (it was the last one).

Now to cut the long story short, up to know, getting a Black Ironhide is still a pain in the neck since the price remain inconveniently high.

Wow, SALE!

At this point I made a pact that it would never happen again. I would have first crack at the initial release of these toys so I could get it cheap. And by an unconscious twist of fate, I found one of my most coveted new Transformer toy at a very reasonable price - and yes its none other than BULKHEAD.

Up Close and Personal!

I heard that it was priced at 2000 plus in Greenhills for the loose ones, but i got one - brand new at less than that! Wow!! And to top it off, BULKHEAD looks great both for the robot and vehicle mode!

Nice lookin vehicle mode!

Great lookin robot as well!

Overall, I got myself a SUPER bargain - at least for now, lets see how the price spikes or dips. But I bet that it's just bound to go higher!

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