Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photography: A Hobby and Stress Reliever!

Sunset Lovers

I'm starting this new hobby, and yes its photography.

It started out when one of my friends showed me His Canon SLR, and introduced me to the wonders of manual focusing.

Then my other friend let me use his NIKON d80, and the rest is history!

I have been going around a lot just to get that shot that I want, its been a mix of pain and pleasure which I learned to be the usual experience for a newbie photo buff wannabe.

I borrowed my friend's d80 and this is one of my shots!

Getting that perfect shot is actually achieved after so many tries, thanks to digital technology, I didn't have to waste a load of film, he he he!

But the greatest satisfaction I get with this hobby is getting to see a great shot (by my standards at least lolx!) at the end of a photo shoot! That's the part when I get to say that, it was all worth the effort (and the walking, he he he)!

Wah!! Cute Puppy!

If you wanna see more, check out my Flickr!!


SiMo said...

Cool pictures!

You do really good macro and sunset shots!

Must be from all the practice taking Gundam pictures... hehehe

Patrick said...

Iba na talaga pag may magandang cam.

eckoysnook said...

Nadaan sa paghiram, he he he! Hope to have my own in the near future! Argh!