Monday, April 14, 2008

Bandai Gundam Kits and Plamo Tools for Sale!!

Good Day Guys, to all Gunpla and Bandai Kit addicts, I just like to inform you that we still have a number of items you might want to purchase!

All are brand new, direct from Japan, and absolutely cheaper than the ones sold in the MALLS!! Yata!!

Check this list and leave a message if you guys are interested!

1/100 MG GUNDAM Mk. II Titans 2200 (one left)
1/100 MG MSM-04 Acguy 2300
1/100 MG Strike Gundam IWSP 2400
1/100 MG GM Sniper 2200 (one left)
1/100 MG Strike Freedom Gundam 2900 (one left)
1/100 MG MS-06J Zaku II Ver 2.0 2200
1/100 MG MS-06S Char's Zaku II Ver 2.0 2100
1/100 MG Turn A Gundam 2300
1/100 MG Destiny Gundam 2800
SD #12 ZZ Gundam & Mega Rider 400 (one left)
BB #207 Gundam GP-03D 730
BB #217 Gundam Mk. II Titans 450
BB #218 Zaku II 500 (one left)
Action Base Black 450
Keroro Robo Mk. II 450 (one left)
Kururu Robo Mk. II 450 (one left)
Evangelion-00 The Movie 2700
Evangelion-01 The Movie 2800
1/144 FG Gundam Exia 500
1/144 FG Gundam Dynames 500
1/144 FG Gundam Kyrios 500
1/144 FG Gundam Virtue 600
1/144 HG Gundam Exia 1000
1/100 Gundam Exia 1600 (one left)

If your in Makati, we would love to deliver the goods via meet up, but only during free time, so lets negotiate!! He he he!


Ces said...

hi, available pa ung 1/100 MG Strike Freedom Gundam?


yashiro089 said...

Sir, available pa ba ung 1/100 MG Destiny Gundam?

eckoysnook said...

Good day ces, strike freedom is not available anymore.


The destiny is available:

We are planning to slash the price more so if you wana get one just tell me ok.

seasoned_rookie said...

hi sir, i know it's a little [or very] late already, but might as well take chances. are any of these model kits still available for purchase, particularly the 1/100 gundam exia? and if so, would there be no more price deductions? sir, as soon as you see this po, can you kindly text me @ 09155770913? i really want one T-T thanks so much :D

jhan said...

..elow po.. ask q lng po kung available pa kau ng mg strike freedom 1/100??
..pls paki sagot po.. or paki txt nlng po aq sa number q 09179016830
thx a lot po.. or mail me