Friday, April 11, 2008

Da Break Up - and its AFTERMATH

It's 2 am, I'm playing Crisis core on my PSP, as I drain my energy to finally call it a day...

Suddenly my mobile phone rings, and an old and obscure friend's number pops up in the screen. I reluctantly answer the phone and this is what transpired:

Me: Ei kmsta po?

Not Me: Ito di makatulog, I keep on thinking about my Girlfriend. Kahit sa pagtulog napapaginipan ko siya.

Me: Ah ganun ba, mahirap yan. Di ka pa din ba over dyan?

Not Me: Di pa din, it has been 3 months, but the more days that pass, mas naalala ko siya. Every moment that we've shared is still fresh in my memory.

Me: Ano ba kasi nangyari at nagbreak kayo.

Not Me: Diko alam, bigla na lang daw siya nagising one day at sinabing di pala niya ako mahal. Umalis na siya for Cebu. I tried talking to her pero wala na. Di man lang kami nakapagusap before siya umalis...

Me: Wow, ganun lang yun? Well maybe it wasn't really meant to be.

Not Me: Pero ang dami ko ng naibigay sa relationship na to, just to make it work because I loved her.

Me: Well, as a friendly advise, find something else you want to do. Find a hobby, focus on work, career... maybe you should get closer to your family more.

Not Me: Madali sabihin para sa'yo, pero mahirap para sa akin.

Me: That's why I'm giving the advice not you. Because I'm the one with a clear mind right now. I've also been through the same, and I asked for advice from my friends coz my mind wasn't focused enough to make me feel better.

Not Me: (silence), pero di kasi siya madali!

Me: I never said it was easy. But It's a lesson you should learn that in a relationship you should never give everything at such short notice. In end, you won't have anything left for yourself.

Not Me: But I was sure I loved Her!

Me: But She wasn't, and look at the outcome. She wakes up one day, and boom!! Your the only one in-love...

Not Me: (silence)

Me: Going into a relationship requires more than just emotion, you also should use your head...

Not Me: That's the problem with you, lagi intellectual approach mo sa lahat ng bagay, di ako tulad mo!

Me: (anak ng pating to ah) Well, I just know how to control and to reserve some for myself because in the end that's all I got, myself. I believe true love is never obsessed...its not just about the sex... Love also makes you mature and a better person... Now if you made sure, and didn't dive into this you wouldn't be in this situation! Tignan mo naman, nagising na lang siya isang araw at ayaw na niya!

Not Me: (sigh) Ikaw ba kamusta ka? Ano ba gagawin mo sa ganitong sitwasyon?

Me: I'm Ok. I focus on work, Family and Friends, and despite being single and having my break up moments, my other priorities made me live through that.

Not me: Basta, di ko talaga kaya to. Hirap na hirap na ako.

Me: It's a process. It wont happen overnight. But you should make the first step towards recovery, You should want it, focus on bouncing back. Coz if you entertain your emotion, you will just have more sleepless nights...

Not Me: (silence) Sigh* Thanks for the time...

Me: No problem, anything to help... (click* and the lines go silent)

As a final note, I summed up love in my own words which also sums up this conversation:

"love is a state of being, that is both mental and emotional, that drives us to make that extra leap towards a goal, never wavering. Love makes us move, change and grow - gives us the strength to make big sacrifices because in the end, it's the only thing that makes you happy! Love is never obsessed - it inspires as it makes us mature!"

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