Thursday, March 27, 2008

MG DESTINY Gundam...destiny fulfilled

Finally, finally, finally!!

MG Destiny Gundam has been pieced together! Now I usually give my Gundam's a sure thumbs up or thumbs down feedback, but somehow for Destiny, the sure-o-meter is not so sure at all on how to rate it!He he he!

First let's talk about assembly...

Now there is nothing ground-breakingly different with this MG in terms of hand, leg and body construction. Its very much similar with the new models that we did earlier, namely Strike Noir and Strike Freedom.

However the supposed normal construction takes a turn for the bad, in their attempt to add something new to the hip design!

Apparently a different gear has been inserted that connects to the leg which limits and supposedly extends the leg spread. It was a novel idea but it made posing Destiny a major chore! I found out about this when I tried to pose it and heard a snap! Frak, it was just a small movement to the side, but the locks quickly gave in. There is a switch that releases this lock, but upon doing so, the leg seemed to be disconnected... sigh!

Definitely frustrating, especially for me who wants stability with an MG!

Anyway, a few attempts to pose made me hate the design more. However additional woes kick in as the stand makes a first appearance. Again, obstructive is the term I have to use to describe this Gundam, coz again, the stand was directly connected to the wings, thus making it difficult to pose the Gundam yet again!

Frak!!What the hell happened?

Thank God this MG had a saving grace - its weapons!! The big bad ass sword and cannon made me forget the issues mentioned earlier, but just for a while, coz as I tried to pose it again with the weapons, I was once again limited.

Another saving grace is the unique face of Destiny, which resemble a teardrop suspended in the face plate, kewl!

I also liked the wings, it had a simple construction, but the end product was ceremoniously enigmatic!

Overall, it's a stalemate in terms of rating this baby, but I must say that it's a must buy for every Gundam Seed Destiny Fan/Gundam MG Hobbyist.

At least that's CLEAR!!

The rest is a blur...Lolx!

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