Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pussies to die for - and I mean CATS!

We went to Tiendesitas last month after a barkada outing to get ourselves some grub.

And after our hearty meal, one of my friends invited the group to check out the ANIMALS before head home.

I thought that there was a mini Zoo inside Tiendesitas, but it turned out to be an area dedicated to pet lovers - it was a pet shop heaven!!

1st stop for me - was the kitty shop... and here are the adorable felines I got to drool over:

Not your ordinary Pinoy Kitty... but it looks like one eh?!

Tamad cats... the Siamese kitties!

Wah... Sugoi!! Must have one now!!! Grrrrrrrr!!

I'm now accepting donations... help me purchase koogles, I will take good care of the little fellow!! Lolx!

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