Monday, March 17, 2008

SGT KERORO Figure - it was a clock all along!!

My friend bought a Keroro figure from Baguio which uttered some Japanese lines when you press some of the buttons (hands and tummy).

The eyes also changed every time you press the buttons - it was really cool!!

I was quite surprised when he said that he got it cheap - around a hundred bucks (or more), I would have gotten one for myself too!! (sayang)

Anyway, at first we thought it was just a talking Sgt. Keroro, but thanks to one of our colleagues, we found out that SGT. Keroro was actually an alarm clock (our colleague studied Japanese so she translated what keroro was saying... nice)!

So for all those Keroro addicts out there, you know what to look for whenever you're in Baguio City! Ibili niyo na din ako, please!!!!! He he he!

1 comment:

Jollyn Grace said...

Hi po. san po nabili ng friend nyo yung sgt. keroro na clock? please.
pupunta akong baguio para lang makabili nito. waaah.. Thanks.