Thursday, March 13, 2008

BRAWL Leader Class - Collection must have!

Guess what, Guess what!!??

I finally got myself a LEADER Class BRAWL!!

After months of window shopping, fantasizing and analyzing, I made that big choice!

Now some toy aficionados may think that BRAWL is just a common TF toy as it is a regular sight in every toy store in the Metro. Yep, you see it stacked up along with other unsold TF toys by the dozen or more.

BIG, BAD and ... BULKY..

This also bothered me. It made me think that maybe it wasn't worth the purchase...

But nevertheless, as I mentioned in my title, for collectors, every TF toy is a must have so I decided to get myself one, despite the apprehension.

Now it was really exciting, having such a big tank to transform. And that was one of the positive things to it, the really massive vehicle mode with matching sounds!! Woooot!!

Now the transformation wasn't that difficult. Only when I got to the hands did I encounter any difficulty.

Wowoweewaw!! Check out the Cool Vehicle mode!!

When I transformed it back to the vehicle mode, the hands seemed to get in the way. Even my resident expert in transforming had difficulties, Lolx!

But once you hit that proper spot, the hands won't be a problem.

Watch wer u point dat thang!!

Overall, Brawl is a pleasing leader class, just be careful with some of its parts like the guns and canons, they seem to be very fragile!

So go vehicle mode, its definitely a pleasing eye candy - and a safe way to display your baby!

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