Monday, January 26, 2009

Look Ma - It GLOWS! Gundam 001/100 Bandai Kit

I posted about the 1/100 Bandai Gundam 00 kit last week.

Besides being a very sturdy 1/100 kit, the Gundam 00 model boasts of another significant trick up its sleeves - and that is (dundundundun) the glowing GN drives!! Tada!

I was not able to post it the last time because it was quite difficult to find the right battery size, but alas! The GN drives have been powered up after a long yet fruitful search!

And so without further adieu - here is the lighting gimmick from the Gundam 00 kit!

True to the Anime version baby! Green is the way to go!

Here is a closer look!

Now to emphasize the glow - lights out please!

And now, as we bid you farewell - let us take a look at Gundam 00 and all its splendor... from Behind! lolx!

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