Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gundam 00 - HG Gundam Exia Kit

Hello People! I know I have been posting a lot about Gundam 00 kits lately and some might think that its starting to get boring...

But what the heck, I'm crazy over these new kits so I'm just going to post about these babies to my heart's content! Wakokoko! Anyway, I like to highlight the stark improvement in HG kits from the 00 series.

As you can see, this Exia model looks mighty fine as an HG. There is full attention to details, and the "inkable" parts are abundant! Heck I had to panel line more areas for this HG than the1/100 Gundam 00 kit!He he he!

The arms are double jointed and the legs are tight and compact! The main Sword is a bit long er than that from the anime size, but the build for it is a darling!

Bottom line is, the HG kits have gone a long way, so if your thinking of starting a hobby at a reasonable budget, than the current HG kits from the Gundam 00 series is your best friend!


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