Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao TKO's Dela Hoya in the 8th round

Yes my kababayans, Pacquiao scored a stunning 8th round TKO victory over Oscar dela Hoya in their "dream match" today!

From the opening bell to the fading minutes of the 7th round, Pacquiao flashed his signature speed and power, with his powerful left punches finding its home in Dela Hoya's head and body!

Dela Hoya tried to go head to head with the Peoples Champ with the occasional jab that has sent other boxers to the canvas, but Pacquiao just seemed to absorb them.

Now this may seem like an exaggeration, but given the lopsided score tally, it is quite clear that Pacquiao had no trouble matching the Golden Boy's style.

With the victory, Pacquiao is now definitely considered one of the greatest if not the best boxers to date, and the most prolific pinoy boxers in history, with four titles to his name.

For now, the boxing world is surely curious with the Golden Boy's next move... after his loss to Mayweather and now Pacquiao, is it really finally over for the charismatic boxer everybody has learned to love?

Either way, Dela Hoya has no problem, given the smart business endeavors he is now involved in...

Overall, the dream match lived up to its hype, as a symbolic passing of torches to the next generation. Hopefully we get more Pacquiao's... after all, its these achievements that makes us a proud race. Amen!

Note: expect traffic in Manila when Manny gets home - surely a heroes welcome is in order once again, lolx!

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