Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do You HAve to SHout?

Hello, may tanong ako sayo... boss ka ba? Or may mga subordinate ka ba?

If yes, paano mo sila tinatrato? A. Do you treat them like a friend? Or B. do you see them as an expendable being, just like a piece of garbage?

If you answered with B, then you probably shout and curse a lot... And I'm not talking about the shouting and cursing that targets the vast emptiness of the distant galaxies, but the type that directly attacks a human soul.

Yep, the moment your subordinates make the slightest mistake, your more than happy (don't deny it bitch lolx) to bring down the lightning bolts on them - and then the shouting, and degrading begins...

Anyway, in a nutshell, I just want to say for the record that, I hate humans like this. Being above someone doesn't give anyone the right to literally BOSS people around. Now Mr. boss, I want you to listen up...

Before you were a boss, you were also a subordinate. Or if ever you just conveniently found yourself in that position care of some strings pulled - then you wouldn't know about real hard work!

These people have families, or are still growing up in their career, or perhaps under a lot of stress due to problems at home or some personal issues you never heard of! Yes reprimand them for not doing their jobs well, but don't attack them personally, don't berate them like you own them and don't treat the, like rubbish - because their not!

I personally believe that a good leader is someone with values. Someone who is motivated by success but stirs the business with respect.

So the next time you feel like being an asshole - think again! Because the person that your stepping on now, may be the same person whose ass you have to kiss in the future. You can't be the boss forever!

Just a thought... oh and by the way, bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit, mag blog na lang din kayo lolx!

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