Sunday, November 30, 2008

Keroro robo combined!

After more than a year of waiting (or maybe just a few months) I finally got my hands on the last Keroro MK II Robot - Dororo!

Unfortunately, upon purchase of the last piece of the puzzle, Giroro was still unfinished. So the excitement of seeing the whole robot together had to wait!

Keroro riding with style, waiting for the Dororo Robo to finish production...

So on the night of purchase I had to stay up late to finish up Giroro and hopefully Dororo the day after that... Oh what any collector would do just to see God keron finally whole after a long long wait!

Anyway, with the help of our friend Mr. Atma, the dream finally became a reality!

TADA!! Let our MK II's combine!

But with the long wait came a bit of dissapointment. Yes, yes, the idea was great but when the Keroro kits were finally combined, the sheer weight of each characters personality took its toll... God keron had difficulties standing.

God Keron doing a blanacing act with help of a nearby mushroom lamp!

Anyway, depsite the setback, I still like the idea very much, maybe the next edition would adddress the issues brought about by God Keron.


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