Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Kitties to Share

Just for the purpose of sharing, I like to inform you guys that we have more than 20 Cats at home.

Literally, it seems like the cats own the house and we are just renting, wakekekek! There was a point in time that we even had more than 40 kitties at home, but a number of unfortunate events trimmed them down to below 30.

As if that was not enough, when my siblings find a poor lil kitty on the street, they generously bring the kitty home as long as they don't have any fur disease (lolx)!

Anyway, we recently had a number of mommy kitties give birth (all in the same week) and I took the liberty of taking a pic of them while they were still uberly cute, he he! And here they are:

Anybody wanna Kitty? He he he! These are only some of the Kitties, the others were all camera shy! Lolx!

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