Friday, October 10, 2008

New IPOD NANO! Asteeg!

I have been leeching from a friend's IPOD Nano for the past months since he has an extra IPOD to spare. I believe this is the generation 2 Nano with a 1 GB memory.

I never really found the need to get myself one since my Sony phone conveniently served as my MP 3 and video player plus camera. But when I saw the ad regarding the newest IPODs, I instantly fell in love with the new Nano.

So after a month of pondering I was still uncertain if I would go get one - I mean its just a music player right? It's not a necessity for me, like I said, I already have an MP3 player.

But I guess fate saw it differently, because when the new IPOD Nano 1st arrived to the shores of Greenhills, I was coincidentally in the area and I got to see it up close and personal... then, after my friends enumerated the benefits of getting my very own IPOD, and the new one at that, I was sold. And to add to the surprise, the new NANO was really cheap (if you get it in Greenhills that is).

SO here I am now, with my very own steel blue IPOD and loving every minute of it. I have to say, this is one good buy!

One of the things I liked the most is the new color selection and the body of the new IPOD.

Despite having a small screen, the video output was clear and crisp, even when viewing it under the blinding rays of the sun...Lolx!

And this baby is extra slim, giving it that sexy and classy look!

And finally, the battery life of this baby is mighty fine, allowing me to watch videos and listen to my favorite music on my long trips without worrying about going empty! Oh and by the way, 8GB is more than enough to store all the stuff I need and the stuff I want!

So all I can say, is that I need not ask for more from my new baby! Weeeeee!

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