Friday, October 10, 2008

Back from the ashes and into the FRONTIER


It has been a while now since I last blogged, and now I'm finally back!! And it feels good to be back, doing one of the things I like the most (besides eating, eating and more eating)!

Anyway, just to kick things off, I want to share something I have been craving for in the last few days. Nope its not a gundam, but its something Mecha, yet again, and of course from BANDAI.

Lo and behold, the VF - 25F Messiah Valkyrie Macross - F 1/72:

Here it is in robot mode

In Gerwalk mode

And finally, jet mode!! ROCK!

I hope that one day, I would be blogging about pieceing this baby together and having it displayed in the midst of the earlier MG's I have built, AMEN!

I sure it's not that expensive! He he he!

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