Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Barber shop woes!

I always look for bargains...especially with toys!

I pride myself in being a wise spender.

As much as possible, I keep my expenses in check, to avoid having to spend on anything unnecessarily expensive.

One of these items that I spend on wisely is my regular haircut. Based on my understanding, if I can get a decent haircut for 30 pesos then its not logical to have the same haircut at 4x the price.

So what I did was search for a nearby barbershop (wherever I rented) that offered a 50 peso haircut. And yes I found a number of decent ones.

But one day, when I had my routine haircut at the 50 peso barbershop, I ended up having a messed up do, it was as if my 9 year old sister went awry with the razor and attacked my hair.

So I ended up getting haircut number 2 at the price of 120 . So in my quest to save, I actually spent 170 pesos... crap eh!

From then on, I decided 120 is already my new ceiling price for a decent haircut... but it still was very impractical for me!

Anyway, come another haircut day for me, I decided to join my friend to Bruno's Barbers, after all it was only P 150, and it was near my place of work so the 30 pesos is the extra payment for making it hassle free...

And then it happened...

"Sir gusto mo po ba magshampoo?" I said yes because I didn't want to get the after haircut itch...
"Sir gusto mo ba maglagay ng gel?" Wo, I was amazed with how respectful his guy was, I was already contemplating on giving him a big tip (30 pesos lolx).

So when it was time to pay, the lady punched the 150 for the haircut and then lo and behold - 70 pesos for teh shampoo and another 50 for the gel.... FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P 270 for freakin haircut!! I hid my frustration and just paid the $%@# bill. My friend said "wag ka magaala, nabiktima na din ako niyan dati..."

Oh well, whata gimmick, I get all of that (haircut, shampoo and gel) at an ordinary barbershop for just 50 pesos... what the heck is wrong with this outrageous pricing nowadays...

Anyway, I just wanted to share this to you guys... in case you plan to have your haircut at you know where..lolx!

Oh and remember to check their price list b4 hand...wakekekeke!

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dodge said...

LOL! "Free" Shampoo at barbershop fools another one! Got fooled by that too. LOL. I didnt get gel with my "free" shampoo. Lugi!!