Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grissom Exits CSI (Las Vegas)

Argh argh argh!!

What the heck?? What the heck? Why did he decide to leave CSI?

Yes oh yes, I know you have all heard this, and read about it off the net, but I just want to share my disappointment on the decision of William Petersen, aka Grissom, to leave CSI.


First this show happens to be my favorite, and I don't even need to explain why I love watching CSI Las Vegas. It doesn't matter if I reach the show halfway through, or towards the end, it doesn't matter! You easily get hooked with the compelling storyline plus the cast we've learned to love for nearly 8 years!!!

Second, we all know that Grissom is the center of this show, I mean he saves the day when the entire team is stuck in a rut. Him leaving will be like the whole CSI team running headless, and without a father figure! Lolx!

Lastly, Grissom has planted his flavor of acting that made CSI what it is now. And again this is very personal, but he is like the walking CSI! He hammers every point so clearly with his no nonsense yet soft delivery - and then there you know if its the climax, or the end... or just the beginning.

Anyway, with that out of my chest, I want to say that I like all the cast members as well, I'm just saying that its going to be a big loss for the show. My warning however - whoever plans to fill that void should not in any way try to mimic the original Grissom and should bring something original and something deep to the show to avoid any problems! That's my two cents!

To Mr Petersen, CSI fans will surely miss you when you're gone, but my hats off to you sir!! You made CSI what it is right now!!

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