Monday, March 3, 2008

SD Gold Strike Freedom!!

After our MG Gold Strike Freedom project - work piled up so we haven't been in tune with our Bandai Modeling Kit hobby.

I bought a number of Bandai Kits over the Christmas season, but sadly the start of the year hasn't been very kind with my schedule so I had to give up some of my hobby time.

So I still have the MG Destiny, Keroro MK II Giroro and the SD Strike Freedom in my Bandai Kit stash.

But as snippets of free time would permit, I was able to slowly piece together the SD Strike Freedom!

However, I decided to make this SD a special one, much like its bigger counterpart!! So my spray paints were again put to good use!!

Gray plus Gold = Just look at the pic...Lolx!

And after more than a month, the SD Strike Freedom GOLD Edition came out of my workbench!! And personally, I have never been more satisfied with an SD project!!

Asteeg!! Cool!! Love it!

Hopefully, the next MG and Keroro project would wield the same satisfactory result! YATA!!

Hangin out with his other SD buddies plus starscream...

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