Friday, February 8, 2008

One year at work - One year of Friendship!!


Unbelievable, 1 year here at work just breezed by like a bullet train on steroids speeding down a spiral railway with the full force of gravity as its power source!!

I don't even know what that means, or if it even means a thing, but what the heck I just wanted to say that: Time flies when your having fun!

I entered my place of work at exactly February 01, 2007. And then and there on my 1st day, I literally hit the ground running, with my boss giving me a list of things to do.

Heck!! I didn't even have a PC or a place to stay, yet there I was already holding a list of things to be accomplished! What the.....!!

Anyway, to make the long story short, I scavenged my way to settling down by doing all the footwork (at least most of it) in order to get all my office needs - heck!! $%!!!*$

He he he!! Its been a year since that day, and that memory still makes me chuckle. Every moment during my 1st month at work was definitely pain staking from a newbie guy's point of view - but I guess dwelling on them now is not the point of this blog (there will be a separate entry for that!!Lolx!).

Yes there were shitty moments that made up most of my 1 year stay - but what's important is that I'm still here standing, happy and satisfied because of the people I surrounded myself with - my Friends!

Yep!! Its was our everyday antics that drowned the stress at work and made going to work every single day something to look forward too!

There is never a dull moment for me and my friends, because we had all walks of life represented - the rocker band long haired dude ala artist - the no 1 blogger - the karaoke model - the coffee prince - the rich middle class Hurley - the pregnant chick - the video man and word maker (orstrich) - the MRI addict - the redefined FABIO - the events expert - the aeon flux chick - the soon to be pilot - the Game play specialist and the Good Luck chuck brother!

You name it, we've got it! Every day is like a scene fresh out of a MAD TV episode!

Wakekeke!! Every time was memorable - and those memories fueled my day to day existence at work, as stress and anxiety took a back seat!

And now that I have made it past the 1 year mark, I like to formally say thank you to you guys who made my life one heck of a ride at work!!

Amen and Amen... this ones for you guys!! (CHEERS!!) To tropang BATCHOYZ!!


SiMo said...

Wooohooo! Congrats on your one year stay!

More power and hope that things get even better from here on in!

aMbUsH101 said...

yey! the pregnant ROCKIN' chick figuratively dances and jumps up and down in celebration of your first anniversary in the jungle!

keep on rockin'!

eckoysnook said...

Yata!!! Cyempre ung baby kasama sa pagtalon!! Wakekeke!! Good Luck po sa keith no 3!!

Morrigan said...

Congrats, Hecky!!! ^____^