Monday, September 24, 2007

Keroro MK II - Do I hear KEROPLA?!

Ladies and Gents, to all the Plamo pipz out there, I just like to share about a prized find in this world of model kits! If you have tried GUNPLA you will surely love KEROPLA!

Sounds new? well, technically it is, but the defining aspect of the hobby remains the same. The only thing that changed is the characters. Yep, I'm talking about the Keroro Model kits, based on the anime Sgt. Keroro.

Nice color combinations!Look at the amazing details...

Basically, what you would love with these kits is that they came out with the MK II types, and their much more detailed and engaging. Yep engaging because unlike the previous models, these new Keroro kits have three different forms. Yep, these small SD sized plastic models can turn into three different forms!

One of the forms, it also turns into the common stand up robo and one of the legs of the big robo keroro!

And get this, completing all 5 keroro MK II's form one big keroro robo!! Kewl eh!?

But as of now, I only have Keroro and Kululu... the others are hard to find and the Ninja type is yet to be released.

The Sgt. Keroro MK II also rocks!!

But even if I just have these two for now, its still a pleasure posing and playing with them while I wait for the others to hit the toy shelves! Oh and they just cost 500 each.

Well besides their new robots, the little frogs are also a bundle of cuteness. If you don't get mesmerized by the mecha, the Keroro figures will, especially the fully posable arms and legs because they even have joints in their tiny arms and legs.
Check out the joints, waiting to be released from its plastic shackles...

Overall, if you want something cute and fresh and cheap that you can build, modify and enjoy, try KEROPLA!!


SiMo said...

Keropla! Nothing like small cute (and easy to build)figures to take a break from all the Gundams you've been building. All the satisfaction of GUNPLA plus the cutenes of Keroro Gunso = Keropla, now if only all the kits would arrive here.

eckoysnook said...

I believe these kits need an MG version... and you can just imagine how big that full robo would look like, lolx!

Sir X said...

KERORO!!! KAWAII!!! I've seen the anime... its cool and makulet! I never thought that theres a kit! Gotta get my hands on one of those! Good training before I venture in MG Gundam!!! Sugoi!

julie said...

Hi eckoy..

I was browsing for keroro stuff when I stumbled on your abode. I just want to ask this: where exactly do you get your keroro stuff? It seems so hard to find them! As if they are always out of stock or something. Do you order this directly from Japan or is there a store here in the philippines where at least you could place an order from? Thanks so much.. :)

Eckoy said...

good day julie - if you are located in makati try vsiting great and best toys at Goldcrest Glorietta. This is in front of Jerrys grill and the mall entrance is at Glorietta 2. or if your in Greenhills - try visiting great toys, best toys and wasabi toys at the old wing. lastly - Toy Kingdon also carries Keroro kits - but its quite pricey.

julie said...

Nice! alright then, I'll try those places you suggested - they're all accessible from where I'm currently staying anyway-work and blah blah.

Thanks so much man!

Cheers! :-D

julie said...

by the way, just saw that you're a Capricorn as well - so meaning either you've just celebrated your bday or it's yet to come and very near - haha. So Happy birthday! Cheers!