Monday, September 24, 2007

The Best MG Bandai Kit so Far!!

I don't want to side with the bad guys... my good nature always tells me to give the first and last 'hurrah' to the heroes. But in this case, even if I muster up all my positive energy to try and push this evil doer away and drag it below the MG list, it always ends up on the top!

Heroes, bow before the great Zaku II!!

This baddy is the Char Zaku Ver 2.0! This is by far the best MG we've pieced together. Why? Plain and simple - its cheap yet sturdy and very posable! And that's just the beginning! Because the building process itself is also a blast!Let me tell you why...

Movable thrusters, sturdy body and fittings make one great build...

First lets focus on the body. This baby has a humongous cockpit that could fit two pilots, and while only one seat is available, it can be controlled to move from one side of the cockpit to the other, thus there are 2 cockpit access doors.

Two cockpit access doors, take your pick!

The hands and arms come with surprises of its own. First the shoulders are strike noir like in its flexibility and the elbows are double jointed to add mobility. Finally the hands have individual fingers and the wrist twist at an angle making the whole arm unit a bad ass assembly.

Just love the arms... joints galore!

Finally, the legs is your typical MG but the difference is defined with the foot where joints allow side to side, front to back poses with ease. And with the Zaku complete, you can pose away without worrying of loose parts!

Nice bulky legs...

and a detailed, fully movable foot... need I say more?!

We had fun posing strike noir but this bad ass Zaku takes the cake!!

Oh and we got this Zaku at 2,200 pesos!! Thats cheap...

Could this be the fake Myrh's Zaku???

We have yet to paint it, but at its present state, its already a charmer!!

Still waiting to be painted but still an eye candy!!

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SiMo said...

Wheee! Zaku II ver 2.0! I fully agree that the build is excellent, the articulation and poseability exceptional.

If only they "MG treated" some of the newer Zaku units from Gundam Seed...

Nice post!