Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ACGUY images - the Mobile suit bear!!

ACGUY still needs new paint to cover up the scratched parts plus a good dose of paneling. But for now, the finished kit is a pleasure to look at so here are some of the pictures we took demonstrating how flexible the Mobile Suit Teddy bear is!

Looks like some poo went in the propellers...Lolx!

Mobile suit rivalry... just a friendly argument I guess...

ACGUY is just enormous, even our biggest kit, GO 5 seems to be overshadowed by it.

Look at the size of my shoe...Lolx!

Nice stand! One more good reason to buy this kit!

Noir gets angsty...

Love the underwater missile launch effect!Kewl!

This kit is just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Get one please!!! He he he!! For true blue collectors out there, you won't go wrong with this kit, believe me!


Sir X said...

Ei dude, I also have an ACGUY! I used it in my robotics class during college. Thats my first (and last as of the moment) Gundam kit. It was a pleasure building it, I haven't painted it though. Probably i need to unearth it from the depths of my toy box and refurbish it (even do an overhaul).

Building Gundams is an expensive hobby, it takes a lot of skill and effort too. But after the spending of both money, sweat, and sleepless nights; looking at the freshly made robot can really make you have this feeling of 'a job well done'

Im more of a Zoids kind a guy, but I want to try Gundam too. Probably soon. (I'll be having a two week long sem break on October and two weeks of Christmas holidays, I better save up and start buying!)

eckoysnook said...

Yep well said, gunpla is really a hobby you have to spend on with borth your time and money. But at the end of the day, after all the resources spent, when you look at your finished product, its all worth it.