Monday, September 3, 2007

Going back to Basics - Back to RX 78

RX 78 - 05... Next in line!

After Strike Noir, I decided that we try some new techniques on our next MG. Since I am still very new to this hobby of mecha modelling, I decided that the best way to put my skills to the test and level it up is by trying the new things I have learned with an actual kit (adding detail via an exacto knife, adding parts via styrene and combining paint)

Old painting method

So to put these skills to the test, a decent yet cheap MG should be the next project! And the best MG for the project is none other than RX 78 - 05 or also called as GO 5 (we considered RX 78 -04, GP 01/03/ RX 78 Ver ka, MK Titans Ver 2.0, but GO 5 won the battle)!

Now with that out of the way, I wanna begin sharing about the build process of GO 5, which surprisingly took us longer than expected.

We employed the new method, same one we used with Strike Noir. But as I mentioned earlier, RO 5 will be our first venture into styrene!

Kewl gattling gun eh!?

Upon looking at g0 5, i pinpointed that the back of the head and the feet needed extra detail, so for starters, i cut up rectangular strips for the styrene and added it on the kit parts, inked then painted it. Overall, the experience was rewarding and quite satisfactory, yet not revolutionary.

I also used the exacto knife to create additional detail to the kit which was also quite satisfactory.

We added styrene to the foot then inked it.

Disaster however came after painting as the paint smudged the panel detail I added, causing the ink to expand. The best I could do to fix it was for me to re-ink the smudged panelling.

Now going back to GO 5, this paint fiasco caused the longer build time plus the styrene add-ons. But despite the sleepless night we spent, I would say that RX 78 - 5 came out well.

Flexibilty was compromised by the huge armor parts.

Since its an old mold (2003), posability was an issue, but in the looks department, and the arm and weapon construction, it was definitely a good buy! I also liked its massive size! and all of these for just a fraction of the price of the newer models!

Without the shoulder armor...

Ready for Battle!! Go GO 5!!Lolx!

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SiMo said...

GO 5 is an excellent example of an older mold still being very cool. Good learning experience all together and that also counts. Still, despite the few setbacks, he still came out rather nice!

So what's next on the construction list?... MG ACGUY? hehehe