Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fix Figuration Madness!

Name that Mobile Suit!!

Good Grief!!! Guess what?! I just received my very first Fix Figuration Gundam and its none other than FF #0014 and that's the bad ass MSA-0011-1 (Ext) Ex-S GUNDAM "TASKFORCE ALPHA."

EX -S Full Armor

The Gods must have been very kind to heed my plea, for I have been eyeing this FF when it went on sale at a Hobby Shop in Festival Mall!! However I decided not to get it for myself since it was way beyond my budget!

But by some mysterious power, now I have it in my possession!!! So now let me tell you more about this FF!!

Just love this Fix Figuration!

- Overall, EX-S comes in a neat, see through box where you can see all the goodies you can add on to it, including its bad ass assault gun. A very tempting way to wrap it up indeed!

- Upon opening, a flurry of tape and twist ties welcome you. And also upon opening, additional add on parts will be found under the first plastic holder. This is where you can also find the stand.

Check out the Kewl white stand!

- Once you get pass the tape and wires, nostalgia begins!! More than a dozen mods for the knees, legs, shoulders, torso and waist await you as you upgrade it to full armor mode!! Talk about Pure FF madness!

Bad ass Back Pack!!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys how aesthetically satisfying EX-S is!! You should really get one (or ask someone to give it to you, lolx!). I hope I can afford the MG version!! And the G-SYS Deep Striker! Wooooooooooohoooooooo!!!

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