Friday, August 31, 2007

Dig your own Stupid Treasure!!

When I was doing one of my rounds in a toy store in search for extremely rare Transformers the movie toys, I saw an item that knocked some stupidity in me. I know I get to see some odd and silly looking toys every now and then, but somehow this particular one persuaded me to blog about it because it was wreaking with extreme stupidity!!

Here it is, "I Dig Treasures"...

This is the toy named "I dig treasures." Yep, thats the name, and by the name alone, this toy hopes to show kids the wonders of digging for treasures. But the innocent kids need not worry because every toy has a secret treasure inside!! WOW!!! Thats a cool toy!!

Wow look at all those treasures...very... well... nice??!!

So here's the catch, the so called treasure is hidden in a triangular sand cage thats is no bigger than a kids fist! And a small spoon like contraption can be used to simulate the digging! Lolx, now that's so much fun eh!!

Now that's going to be a lot of digging!!Hell Yeah!

Let me see, the digging time for that amount of sand could take around say... 5 seconds? Thats just amazing eh.

Oh and the treasure, well its a plastic version of the pharaohs treasure. Yep, you go that right, plastic in its purest sense and you can get this super special intelligent toy for the awesome price of P249.75!! Whoa!! Sand + a tiny plastic toy + the treasure hunting adventure... very reasonable eh...

Any buyers??

Now please, for crying out loud, shoot the people who came up with this (just a figure of speech, Lolx!) and get this dumb ass toys off the shelves (that's just me, if you like it go buy it...)!

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SiMo said...

I heart I Dig Treasures (insert sarcasm here). Just goes to show that there are some out there that will pay into such lame brain ideas that pretty much cost a bundle.

Parents, just buy your kids a proper toy and bury them in the backyard if they enjoy digging for their stuff.