Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Strike Noir SD: Bigger than you want it to be!

Right before assembly!

Yep it's smaller than the average but it sure packs a punch when applied with the right paint! Yep, I'm talking about my friend's SD Gundam: Strike Noir! Now why did he decide to buy this pint size Gundam?Simple, it was his guinea pig for paint application testing!

The idea came to us after completing MG Strike with I.W.S.P.. The final result was one hot Gundam, but compared to the models we see online, our Strike looked like a wuss (no offense Strike!).

The mini and the not so mini collide!

So after this, we were hell bent in learning the tricks of the trade with painting, hence the purchase of Strike Noir SD.
If you want a detailed look at the painting process of the SD, just check that out. Now I was quite apprehensive in acquiring these chibi robots because I thought they were just for display like the FG's with immovable parts, but I was surprised when I found out that the SD model was fully posable as well.

More guns than meets the eye

So what was supposed to be an experiment, turned out to be a spanking new addition to our Gundam collection!

Fresh off the assembly line

We pieced SD Noir in an hour. It could have been less than that, but I also paneled the parts before putting them together. And I have to say that putting these little Gundam together was also an accomplishing task!

The SD Strike Noir Gun Kata

Because of that, we have purchased another SD, Astray Red Frame, and this time, its not for another experiment!

Bring out the BIG Guns!

Oh and unless you wanted to know, when our officemate saw Noir, they also got interested in purchasing SD Gundams! He he he!

Chibi's in the House!!

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SiMo said...

Nice review! Yeah, I didn't expect that SD's would be this nice. Lets hope Astray comes out nice too.

Kelangan ng red paint!