Sunday, August 5, 2007

Stress on the stress...




If a spiritual enlightenment allows some people to speak in tongues, stress can also make you speak in a language that even scholars will be dumbfounded of.

Just like the above examples, these words are not part of our average everyday language, but oftentimes uttered under very stressful circumstances.
I know some of you guys, at least once in your life (everyday of the weekday for me) get to blurt out these words in the absence of a word to describe what and how you feel towards something that pressures you so much.

These are things like a lazy boss, a stupid overbearing know it all subordinate, a tasteless viand, a transformers toy that you just cannot find, a transformers toy thats just too overpriced, etc. etc.

Transformers toys usually hide behind the chili rojo so they are hard to find...Lolx!

There are hordes of other things that could stress us out and though it may be something we cannot fully control, I'm telling you now to try and move away from them. Why? because not only can stress make you look old, but it also is a portal to a host of health issues... like baldness, bleeding gums (yes even that), eye problems, and many more out of this world health problems you never thought would be related to stress.

I decided to write about this when I looked in the mirror this morning and discovered how I have aged... Damn!
So as a friendly reminder and a stern warning to everyone, try not to focus on the stressful things in life, and focus more on things that relaxes you and make you smile.

Go on, sit back and relax...

If its a person, just avoid contact (iwasan mo na kasi yung tao, wag mo na isipin lalao ka lang maiinis eh!!), a situation, move away from it and so on.

After all, we only got one life, let's not throw it away by thinking too much en route to stressing ourselves too much.

It's healthy to go out and smell the fresh air every now and then!

Less Grrrrrrrrooooooooowwwwwwwllllllllll! and more Yeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwww!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!! Yata!!

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