Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gundam seed... Too EMO!

Way cool Strike Freedom!

Just watched Gundam Seed again.
The series caught my interest again since I started collecting Gundam Plastic Models. I decided to watch the Anime to further inspire me in piecing together the Gundams I buy. It also reminds me how cool these robots are when they are in full animation and doing their thing on the battle field. Astig!

But I really have to hand it to this particular Gundam series... I was blown away by its EMO ness!

Now I liked the topic of the story, and how it evolved till the end, but I just don't want the characters you learned to bond with from the start to die in the end. Lolx! And there were just too many deaths by my standards...

Kira also had too much anguish all throughout the series that made it a heavy watch, good thing that the Gundmas were not short of action scenes to keep me waiting and wanting more Freedom, Justice, Buster and Providence!! Weeeeeeeeee!!

Anyway. I just wanted to comment on the overall EMO content of SEED, but its still a nice series with a nice set of Gundams!

Once you get past the EMO stuff, everything will be just fine!

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SiMo said...

Yeah, I agree that Kira has (had) a lot of issues, and that a lot of people did die, Kira is a LOT better in Destiny but, GS Destiny on the other hand has a very annoying person (cough! Shin you freak! couch!) and certain irritating plot developments. Still its a worthy addition to the Gundam Seed line...

Yeah, just get past the EMO-ness and the Shin-ness of the entire Gundam Seed story line and you're all good.

I wonder how Gundam 00 will be?