Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nose Picking... Carfeul where you point that Thing!

I had a terrible experience in the bus the other day...

Nope its not another SiS-tupid episode. The terror of the experience however is close to that I experience every time I watch the said program.

You wanna know what it was? Well let me just put it this way, I have always been very particular with the pipz who sit beside me in the bus. As much as possible I should be able to maximize my space and have a pleasant traveling experience.

But on this fateful morning, destiny decided to have an old guy sit beside me on the bus. Now this may not seem to be a problem as it is, so I just tried to catch some z's to prevent the horror of having to see another Sis episode... I was however brought to my senses when I caught a glimpse of the guy picking his NOSE! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

At first it was small poking strokes, then after a while of frustration he attacked his nostril like there was no tomorrow! I had to distance myself to prevent the booger debris from hitting me. But the guy just had the same gusto as he tried flicking the contents of his finger all over the bus floor every time he had a fresh harvest! Awts! That was just such a horrible experience, he even went on and on, stopping for 5 minute breaks, then back to picking his nose.

That guy terrorized my bus trip that day that I just wanted to alight the bus ASAP! Grrrrrrr! Anyway I just wanted to share this to you and remind you guys that if ever you find yourself in a similar situation I have devised some possible ways to fight back, take your PICK

-Get even, don't go down without a fight
-Fight fire with fire
-Defend your territory
-Give him the finger

He He he, Good Day!


SiMo said...

Bwahahaha... Fingerflickin' good! Better start practicing those snot flinging skills. Gross, but really nice entry.

Sir X said...

Probably that guy was trying to contact somebody from another dimension or from a distant planet. He can't get a good signal so he kept on dialling. Lolx! Let the Booger Wars Commence!