Friday, July 20, 2007

Transformers Toys UNITE!

Its been a long hard wait but seeing them together for the first time was worth the wait!

So ladies and gentlemen, for all those Transformers live action fanatics, especially the toys... I proudly present to you all the Autobots Live Action Toys!(Drum Roll please!)

VEHICLE MODE From L to R: 1970's Camaro Bumblebee, Pontiac Solstice Jazz, 2008 (is that right?) Camaro Bumblebee, GMC Iron Hide, Hummer Ratchet and Optimus Prime!

I absolutely drooled over the sight of the Autobots live action toys together on my desk for a pictorial! Thanks to my friends from the Creative Department for lending me their toys, namely Iron hide, 2008 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee and the Leader Class Optimus Prime!

I have labored long and hard to get my hand on Iron Hide and the New Bumblebee, but alas, they have all been sold out so far! But for the New Prime, I have to pass on that, I just can't spend more than 3000 bucks for a toy, at least not right now!He he he!

But then again, having a little help from my friends, is the closest thing to having them complete, and within my reach!

ROBOT MODE From L to R: Bumblebee, Iron Hide, Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Jazz!

And after seeing the Autobots together, I have to say that it's worth every peso (if you're a collector) to purchase all of them, especially Ratchet and the 2008 Camaro Bumblebee!

For the Decepticon side of the collection, we have Brawl (Devastator in the movie), Barricade (the Best Decepticon in the movie), Blackout and Bone Crusher (nice robot mode)...

But having them complete for a pictorial seems to be a bleak dream, nobody seems to like Megatron and Starscream (no offense for the Decepticon fans)!

So for now, enjoy the view, I know I did...

But here is a picture of what we have so far from the movie:

Almost the entire cast: Brawl (Devastator), Barricade, 2008 Bumblebee, Iron Hide, ratchet, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Blackout, Old Bumblebee, Classic Prime (not in the movie, just wanted to add him up), Frenzy and Mini Scorponok

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