Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Don Henrico's Experience: Im seeing Green!

"I loved their Buffalo Wings and Potato Wedges, and I most especially adored their Bottomless beverage..."

A lot of restaurants offer bottomless beverages. Among the common bottomless drinks on the menu are sodas and iced tea. Only a few however offer Iced Green tea on their menu to go with their good food.

So I have decided to embark on a journey to share with you guys the best green teas in town and other bottomless teas that's worth your money! But I'm not going alone because I have decided to bring along my tasters...

Let's start off with Don Henrico's... I have to tell you that I absolutely love their Buffalo Wings, and Potato Wedges, not only because of their hands down taste, but also its enormous servings! But the icing on the cake I believe is Don Hen's Bottomless Nestea Green tea.

A seemingly harmless Glass of green tea... Think again...

Priced at 75 pesos for the bottomless order, this green tea has a certain twist to it. It's not that sweet and it has a certain flavor to it that gives it a lime twist. And compared to other teas that give you a rough feeling down the throat, Don Hen's Green tea slides down which makes it all the more refreshing!

Finally, unlike other bottomless teas, this green tea doesn't need a frequent ice refill just to keep its taste in check.Don Hen's keep their Green tea as cold as possible, giving you a pleasant refill experience, every time! So the next time you are in need for a bottomless glug to go with your tasty meal, this is the place to be!

Barricade was forced to abandon their search for the all spark for a Don Hen's green tea!Lolx!

My taster seems to agree as well, so I believe you would too!

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SiMo said...

Weee! Green iced tea at Don Hen's! 10\10! Warning! Excessive iced tea drinking WILL increase your wiwi tendency! HEHE!