Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Guide to Paper Flavors!

What Does a Blue Post-it taste like?

Trivia: Did you know that paper comes in different scrumptious flavors?? I didn't know this for a fact, but apparently one of my old colleagues had first hand info to share about it!

The information came to me at the most inappropriate but opportune time!
While I was gathering the inspiration to blog! And here's how it goes...

While I was busy staring at monitor no.1, clicking on the keys of the KB my phone starts to vibrate... I check out the number and I was delighted to see an old friend's (actually a very good, beautiful friend) familiar digits (my lips curve into a grin).

We converse about our careers, love life and old colleagues. We go through the basics of old friends getting to chat again after a long time apart. But after the basic hullabaloo was out of the way, the craziness was bound to begin.

"Hey did you know that the best type of paper I nibbled on when I was young was a gift wrapper because it actually tastes like sinigang?"

The best Tasting Paper in town?

I thought I didn't hear it right, but when I asked her again, she casually replied "Yep, Gift wrappers are the best tasting paper, it tastes like sinigang, its a bit sour, and newspaper paper is the worse because it tastes like ink!"

Newspaper Paper... The flavor is mightier than the pen!

Whoa! Lo and behold, papers come with different flavors, and I spent half my childhood chewing them and never did I knew that!

Catch this, she even knows what wallpaper tastes like, and she defined it as something with a booger like taste, but when I asked her if she already tasted the likes of it, she retracts and tells me that it tastes like something she could not describe!Lolx!

But the best part about paper flavors was the fact that the actual taste was influenced by your mind! Whoa!! Unbelievable!

She narrates that a professor once told her that she ate a piece of paper from a national geographic magazine because their grade 1 teacher said that it tasted like a leaf. The amazing thing was that it in fact tasted like a leaf.

So let's have a rundown of what we had so far:

gift wrapper - tastes like sinigang
newspaper - tastes like ink
wallpaper - tastes like boger
national geographic - tastes like a leaf

OK, so now all we need is the staple paper to go with our sinigang and leaf... Lolx!

"Oh and the white Bond paper, that tastes like rice..."

Tissue paper... the best Paper in the House?(Gelo seems to be constipated from over ingestion of decorated table napkins)

Yeah!! We now have the complete menu!!He he he!

Your orders please!Lolx

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