Sunday, July 15, 2007

Transformers Craze

Its been almost 3 weeks since I watched Transformers Live Action and I still cannot get over the craze! I was never a big fan of the cartoon, partly because some of the robots transformed into lame tools and vehicles (like a video tape, and a telescope). GI Joe and Ghost busters were the better choices for me!

And when Transformers Live action hit the big screen, I wasn't even driven to watch it. The only thing that caught my interest is the combination of Micheal Bay and Steven Spielberg, and any movie with these two working together should be an eye candy!
So another fast forward, directly after the movie, a loud applause rings inside Glorietta 4 Cinema 2, and one of the loudest, echoes between my two eager hands meeting each other to make some noise with such gusto!

OK, OK, so what makes the movie a big hit for me?Well besides the Good acting, amazing CG effects and winning scripts, I believe that the choice of subject, made all the difference!
The ability to convert a non transformer fan into one crazed transformer lunatic, simply means they had all the elements in the right amounts!The cool cars, the detailed transformations, the bad ass enemies and cool military weapons!Weeeeeeeeehaw!

Now I know that sounds vague, but I guess all crazed beings can only do so much to rationalize, but do more when they actualize these emotions.

And part of that actualization is checking out every toy store in town to find the live action transformer toys even if it means shelling out my savings and my extra energy just to have them in my possession!!!!Bwahahahaha!

And so the craziness continues.....

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