Monday, July 2, 2007

Moving out and Moving In

One Of the Apartments in Makati. Notice the Door!Yep, it's a two bedroom apartment!
One of the better places, a 1 bedroom Condo unit for 10 k!

Its late at night, or rather early morning, or more appropriately 1:30 am and I'm still up! You might be asking why. The answer is simple, I'm searching for an apartment where my officemates can move in. Yep, you read that right, an apartment or a townhouse or a condo in the Makati area where we can live and avoid the late evening commuting.

We came home late from a weekend event from Pampanga (a far away place from Makati) and we had to pass by the office to unload some artifacts (lolz!). To make a long story short, we finished way past dawn and we still had work that day.

With our tired bodies in tow, we dragged ourselves to the haven of commuting from Makati, none other than EDSA! Home of the Buses and Cars and where pollution finds its nook!

10 minutes, 20 minutes yep, buses chose to be scarce today. Now do you see why we need an apartment? eh?!

Fast forward, skipping the boring waiting scene, now we are finally aboard our respective buses and yes its almost 1 am! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Beep beep (text message alert), I start reading the message and I clasp the phone with fear. I was just informed by one of my colleagues that he was held up at gun point. He tried to fight back, the thief clicks the trigger and no bullets come out. Thank God for the Jam and the irate ass wipe runs like the wind.

When i got home, my friend told me that there were a lot of people who witnessed the attempt but none came to help! Well that's life for you!

So now you want to know why I'm still up at this time of the day just to search for an apartment?.... Well, after reading that, I didn't think you would have any more questions!

Oh wait, what's that? Buy and Sell? A better medium to look for AN APARTMENT? Really?OK,thanks for the info!

Hopefully in a few weeks, we will be moving out and moving in!

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